Sunday, June 19, 2005

We are Motorhead and we play Rock n Roll

The Wit and Wisdom of Lemmy-

  • This next ones a sad song, yeah i know 'aaahh' (american translation'aaww')but it wasnt sad when i fuckin wrote it, it is now cos they're all dead!

    introducing R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

    the support

    Girlschool- shame that they only got to play a half hour really as Girlschool are a superb band, but they had to make way for saxon and the main event and still get us lot out in time for the last train. what they could have fixed was the sound, they were a bit quiet in my opinion, never mind 'race with the devil' still rocks hard.

    Saxon- A right crazy bunch and no mistake especially the bass player (the baby of the band, he's only been with em 15 years!). Biff the singer proudly strutts about the stage singing his arse of (his very long and completely grey hair fast became the envy of the audience, most of whom seemed to be bald old men) rock n fuckin roll as it used to be in the bad old days is what saxon are. where did we all go wrong?

    the main event

    Of course, with motorhead evry gig is a fuckin blinding one, but this was always going to be special, a few old songs get an airing, particulary two from the-much maligned at the time-'another perfect day' album, which many agree deserves far more recognition than it got at the time (seeing as how it nearly killed off the band). However the real treat comes during the inevitable encore, firstly the aocustic masterpiece that is whorehouse blues, featuring lemmy on harmonica. then the sirens!! yes folks! they're playing Bomber, and here she comes...The bomber lighting rig is descending form the rafters, the coolest stage prop ever used by a band is back in all her glory! rock n fuckin roll!

    My ears will never be the same again, this gig was on thursday night, it is now sunday evening and they only stopped ringing this morning. wow.