Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scream For Me Baby

Electric Eel Shock have been one of my favorite bands pretty much since the first time Dan played me 'Go Europe' in Virgin and inspired me to buy it. Their new album, entitled 'Beat Me' is pretty much more of the same, but somehow different.
Let me explain...

'Go Europe' was a fifty minute blast of glorious insanity. Simple, dirty riffs and broken english or japanese lyrics singing about not very much, best played very loud. I swear you can almost see them bouncing off the walls when you listen.

A year down the line and Aki's english has improved (he makes a point of correctly ennunciating the word 'rock n roll') but not much else has changed. The catchy riffs remain, as do the songs about, erm, well, i'm still not sure. The main difference is in the production values, 'go europe' could well have been recorded in someone's cellar somewhere so any money injected into making 'beat me' would make it seem polished by comparison.

the best comparison i can think of is it's like the difference between 'Let there be Rock' and 'Back in Black. One is a band bursting to make the big time, rocking their little socks off in a back room, forcing their untapped potential to show through no matter how bad the recording. The other is the potential realised, a great band given the money and the equipment to make an almighty towering monument to rock that (if there is any justice in the world) will last down the ages.

Long Live EES! (go see them live)


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