Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Right, this band is great, one of the best I have ever seen in fact. The night got off to a good start with a band that was employing harmonies, which was nice, but I can't actually remember what the name of the band was. Next up was eyelash, who were actually really good, a very rocking band, with good riffs, and some good songs. Next up was Bernard, who very very metal, with a female vocalist that was kind of blokey(she was drinking guiness during the performance) but a decent band.
What came next was incredible, JOANovARC came on, and witthin seconds I was blown away. They rocked so hard, with great riffs, songs that were good enough to rival almost any band and a guitarist who was, well, the best I have ever seen. She was amazing. They haven't been going long, but already it is obvious they are going to be a truly great band. There is a CD out but it doesn't really do them justice. The album is going to be great though, and this is a band that I will be following VERY closely from now on. They are the future, and the future is bright.


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