Friday, April 29, 2005

MM2K@ the tap 'n' tin

Ah, the monthly MM2K gigs. Yesterday saw the third one, in what is fast becoming essential gigging. Last nights bill was an unknown one for me and Rob, but we decided that, due to the greatness of the last one, we really should go. This was a good decision. What followed was quite astounding. We got there to find the kids, probably between 13 and 15, on the stage, with instruments. Obviously there are bad memories of kiddie bands (*cough* busted *cough*).
So this was greeted with muted intrigue. They then proceeded to blow our faces clean off and out the window with amazing covers of rocking songs, interspliced eith their own songs, which were the equal of any of the songs they covered. The guitarist was great, and taking into account his age can only get better. The other two were equally great, and the fact that the drummer can sing, and boy can he sing, while playing the drums like a demon, is, well, brilliant. This band is going to be HUGE!
Then came screaming keith, who were, well, loud. They seemed to specialise in noise, sounding like they were trying to kill their instruments. It was, at times really good, and equally, it was, well, noise, and no more. Not a bad band then, but one which you need to be a special type of person to appreciate.
Last of all was Chris Pritchard, who was armed with just an electro-acoustic guitar, a mic and a drummer, took us on a journey of interesting proportions. He likes his songs long on length and wide on emotional poetry. Mostly the emotion was depression, but it was great anyway. Made more enjoyable by the between song banter. "The drummer wants to go to the toilet, but I'm not going to let him.........He's gone! He is so out of the band.......get out of my band!"
All in all a great night, and one which will make going to these in the future a necessity. New music in medway is blossoming, and the mm2k nights give you a chance to watch. Essential


Dan and i had this idea to do all our music and gig reviews on one blog so here we are, real posting will commence shortly.