Saturday, September 03, 2005

A sad day for Medway Music

It is with a heavy heart, and a lone tear rolling down my cheek that I type my first post here on the Medway Music Authority:

After a good couple of months of inactivity on The Barbs website, lead singer Tim Box today posted on the messageboard stating that the band have decided to split up (for the original post click here).

In addition, he also said: "We are all still very good friends but felt that the band had reached a natural end point." Which I find surprising to say the least, I hope that they are good friends, but I simply cannot understand why they thought they had reached a natural ending.

Being a band with a fearsome live reputation, and quite a large fanbase, it is amazing to think that they should decide to call it a day, considering only a few months ago we were being told of a new album being in production, including the new material that was being played at gigs and posted on the website. And of course, there was The Barbs last ever gig at Glastonbury of all places, surely they were about to hit the 'big time'?

Lets just hope we get a final EP or something that allows us to have the newest material, instead of it being lost.

I'm sure that my fellow members here at the Medway Music Authority will have something to add (especially since they have been fans for much longer than me), so keep an eye out.

Thankyou the Barbs, for an all too brief yet exciting period of local music talent going far, a fantastic album, and many many gigs which your fans will remember, always.
Good luck with the future Tim, Amy, Jim and Simon, we all know that you can go far.



Blogger The Prisoner said...


this is a very sad day, having been a fan of the barbs since the summmer of 2003, i know feel as if a whole chapter fo my life has drawn to a close. and your right, there was still so much left to do. Bollocks to the natural end point! i say they fell out, simon is in a new band already for god's sake!!

12:16 PM  
Blogger The Prisoner said...

oh yeah, and it's the spam posting that earned the 'wankers' not the barbs

12:17 PM  
Blogger Motormouth said...

I just deleted the spam posts. Fuckers.

It is a sad day indeed.

5:43 AM  

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